Written by Avinoam Myasnikov

English version by Sariel Stiller

Aircraft details

Type: Kfir TC-2 

Manufacturer: Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI), Israel

Manufacture S/N: B.10

Aircraft history

During the aircraft service with the IAF, it was used for pilot conversion to the Kfir aircraft For this purpose it was flown by the "Smashing Parrot" squadron at Ovda AB,And later transferred to the "Guardians of the Arava" squadron at  Ovda AB and  Hatzor air base

Upon its withdrawal from service, it was put in storage at Ovda air base

Last chance inspecton by the Guardians of the Arava Sqn mechanics,Hatzor AB Curtesy Raanan Weiss (Kfir S/N 304 during an ordnance display at Ovda AB (Curtesy Raanan Weiss

By 2004, the aircraft was returned to IAI for overhaul,retrofit and sale to the Colombian Air Force


                                (During overhaul at IAI Facility (Pic source:Mig-21.de                                         


The aircraft was observed undergoing retrofit at IAI during 2006, And was seen painted in primer in April 2007.The retrofit and flight tests ended by June 2009 and the aircraft was painted in Colombian Air Force colors and allocated the tail number FAC3004.It was shipped by a Vessel which arrived to Colombian Port in 20 July 2009

The Aircraft was assigned to 111 Fighter Sqn of No.11 Fighter wing,Colombian AF  at Palanquiero AB. It was intended to be used  for pilots conversion to the IAI Kfir Fighter, But in  20 July 2009 it took of from  Kartagena AB, Piloted by an Israeli crew.Probably due to a mechanical failure,It could not clear runway.The crew shut off the Engine and deployed the brake Choote but could not stop the Aircraft which ran off the runway and through surrounding Fence, Finally stopping on a pale of rocks in the sea shore. Crew was unharmed.The aircraft was badly damaged and was shipped back to the IAI for repairs


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