Written by Avinoam Myasnikov

English version by Sariel Stiller

Aircraft details:
Type: RF-4C Phantom II

Manufacturer :McDonnell Douglas,USA

Construction number: 3875

U.S.A.F.: 69-0369

Aircraft history:
This photo-reconnaissance aircraft was loaned to the IAF, together with a sister aircraft, 69-0370 by the U.S government  until the end of IAF RF-4E manufacturing period.

The aircraft made its maiden flight from the manufacturer's plant, at St. Louis, Missouri, In June 17th 1970, and was delivered to the USAF .While in the manufacturing line, it was painted in the IAF color scheme.

The aircraft was  ferried to Israel by a USAF crew on August 8th 1970, together with 69-0370 in operation "Night Light". Both aircraft landed at Hatzor IAF Base and transferred to Ramat-David airbase where they were accepted by the "Hammers" squadron, which operated it in photo-reconnaissance role along and beyond the Israeli border lines.

The first operational mission of this aircraft was conducted on August 22nd 1970, when it performed a photo mission along the Suez Canal, the crew being pilot Michael Dvir amd navigator Yossi Kamai.

When the IAF RF-4Es arrived in Israel, the two RF-4Cs were returned to the USAF.It had landed at RAF Alconburry, England, In March 3rd 1971, where it was repainted in the USAF's European cammo scheme and was transferred to the 38th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, 26th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, Ramstein air base, Germany, where  it was allocated an RR tail code.

By January 21st 1973, the 38th TRW was assigned to the 86th Tactical Interception Wing. After ten days, the aircraft was reassigned to the 26th TRW, which by then had moved to Zweibrucken air base, Germany,Where It was accepted in the 38th TRW, with a new ZR tail code.

In April 1973, the aircraft flew to CASA plant at Gatafe, Spain, for scheduled  inspection and maintenance, Staying there until May 1973. During January and February 1974, the aircraft was at the USAF maintenance unit, at Bitburg air base , Germany, presumably for modifications.

In  May 1975, the aircraft was retransferred again to CASA Spain, for maintenance.
In June 1978, the aircraft was transferred to the 1st TRW, 10th TFW at RAF Alconburry, England, where it was operated until September 1978. And In November 21st 1978, the it was retransferred to the 38th TRS, at Zweibrucken air base, Germany, with a new ZR tail code.

In May 28th 1987 the aircraft was transferred again,This time to to Bitburg air base, Germany, where it regained flying condition on March 1991. In October 1991, It  was retransferred to Spangdhalm air base, Germany, from where it was flown  back to the US.

In October 27th 1991, the aircraft was oficially  withdrawn from service, and was put in storage at Davis-Monthan air base, Arizona. It was allocated an inventory number FP0776 and was last seen there in 2008.

with 1st TRS,RAF Alconbury,1978

The Israeli AF S/N 150 was re-allocated to a brand new F-4E which arrived in April 1972 to the Knights Of The Orange Tail Sqn.



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